Maria A. Gonzalez Moraes

Maria A. Gonzalez Moraes is an industry leader in the field of interior design. She leads a cutting-edge interior design firm, Associated Design based in Miami.

The firm specializes in high-end residential projects but also serves corporate clients who desire the pairing of luxurious, simplistic design with the beauty of nature. Her designs result is an elegant synergy that relaxes and recharges the inhabitants of each professionally decorated space.

Maria employs her background in architecture and art history, along with her degree in interior design, to unite tones and textures with natural lighting, producing breathtaking designs that are balanced and inviting. Many of her firm’s creations include neutral hues and structurally clean lines that are noninvasive and visually appealing. Beautiful custom millwork pieces are also incorporated to invoke a new level of effortless aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Maria realizes that proportions and symmetry are essential to exquisite design. Thus, her firm matches the size of the living space to that of the furnishings and art to maximize the potential of every room. She also designs magnificent furniture pieces that for even more individualized design options. Her innovative style leaves her clients with a level of design personalization that makes them feel fully at home in their living areas.

Maria works between Miami & New York City, she and her design team readily travel to find perfect pieces to complement their design choices. They enjoy discovering new ways to merge a variety of materials with spatial structure and light to produce one-of-a-kind functionality and beauty.

She realizes that her design choices have the power to positively impact the lives of her clients and their families. Thus, she uses her passion for ageless, functional design to craft comfortable interiors that only improve over time.

Maria and her firm continue to be recognized for their dedication to producing client-friendly, comfortable interiors that are unparalleled in beauty.